• Save energy
  • Save water
  • Turn off the lighting before leaving
  • Turn off the master switch of printer before leaving
  • The last user should turn off the power after use
  • Reuse envelopes
  • Please print on both sides of paper
  • Send emails to reduce the use of paper
  • Bring your own mug to office. Say no to paper cups
  • Please minimize the number of copies
  • Use blank side of used paper for printing and photocopying
  • Keep at 25.5°C for a green city
  • Separate waste at source. Support recycling
  • Reduce waste. Bring your own bag
  • Recycle rechargeable batteries
  • Use rechargeable batteries
  • Use appliances with Grade 1 Energy Label
  • Choose products with the least packaging
  • Choose refillable goods
  • Use handkerchief instead of tissue paper

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